Engraving Express specializes in industrial engraving applications that cater to the Offshore Petroleum, Marine Vessel, Offshore Communications, Public Utilities, Architectural, Directional Signage, Trophy and Taxidermy Industries. Some of our specialties include: Equipment Nameplates, Control Panel Plates, Legend Plates, Switch Plates, ADA and Braille, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Dials and Gauges.

You can find our products on Electrical Substations and Power Plants, Cranes, Marine Vessels (inspected by the Coast Guard), Offshore Drilling Rigs, Hospitals, and many many other places.


We offer our customers the very best permanent product marking and identification solutions with commitment to:





Architectural and Business Signage


Are you looking for professional signage for your building or business? Engraving Express has the experience to produce quality products such as: Directories, Interior/Exterior Signs, Room ID Signage with Grade-2 Braille, and other wayfinding and identification products.


Your new and existing public room identification signage must be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. ADA signage contains both tactile characters and Braille in one easy to understand sign everyone can benefit from. We have the training to properly get your workplace compliant with ADA regulations, as well as current ANSI (American National Standard Institute) standards.


In addition to signage, we can also provide your business with quality nametags, desk signs, doorplates, and other items. Just let us know what you need



Reverse Engraving


"Reverse Engraving" is the process of engraving from the back-side of Lexan .   Text and graphics are then color-filled from the back, bringing the graphics to life.  This process is ideal for short-run custom overlays where the highest degree of durability is required.

This detailed process adds depth and color that was previously only available in larger quantities with silk screen overlays In addition, being a Lexan, it can withstand the most rigorous applications.



Surface Engraving


Surface Engraving is the process of engraving on the front side of a two-color plastic material.  Specified text and graphics are engraved into the top layer to expose the desired color beneath.

Industrial Engraving, such as that pictured at the left can consist of various types of name plates, instrument panels and plastic and aluminum panel markings.



UL, Serialization and Machine Data plates are also among the surface engraved products that we offer.



Control Panel Plates


Precision Industrial Engraving was founded with over 10 years experience in the electrical and manufacturing industry. We know the importance of having fast, accurate and economical service. More importantly, we will deliver your job to your specifications right the first time so you can move on to more important aspects of your work.




We can provide you with customized legend plates for Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer and a wide variety of other switches and indicating lights. We can change the dimensions of these standard sizes or create completely custom switch plates.



We can engrave plastic and mark stainless steel wall plate covers with your custom text. Custom sizes and configurations also available.





Metal tags are an excellent choice for permanently marking products and assets in outdoor, extreme temperature and high traffic applications. Metal Marker can provide quality materials and cost effective marking processes to fill your order in any quantity.


Dials and Gauges


Our accurate processes can create precision dials and faceplates that will enhance the image of your product while offering durability and lasting performance. Metal Marker specializes in high precision and exact marking to meet your custom requirements.