Screen printing is a highly efficient way to produce large quantities of banners, signs, posters, and decals.  We produce high output jobs for a fraction of the cost of other processes.  Screen printing is a full color process and can produce graphics with incredible detail.  Screen printing can also be used to print on materials and objects that very few other processes will work with.


Engraving-Sign Express can print a full range of signs and banners.  Our capabilities include:



Cut Letters and Logos


Create a bold impression indoors and out with cut out letters and logos.  Cut out letters can be made from a variety of materials to produce an appropriate image for your company.  Here are just a few examples of letters and logos.




Banners can be produced in any quantity you need.  You add the options based on how you plan to use the banners.  We can install grommets, webbing, rope or weights to simplify your installation.  Like signs, banners can be mass produced with screen printing and then customized with vinyl lettering.


Vehicle Graphics


Vehicle graphics range from simple lettering to complex digital printed wraps.  We can print and ship for self installation, or bring the vehicle into our shop to have the work done. 


Real Estate


Engraving Express produces real estate signs, directional signs, riders, banners and just about any other sign you need to attract customers and promote your company.




Screen printing is a great way for political candidates to get their name out to their voters. These durable signs can be mass produced at a low cost in multiple colors.


Showing a shipping box of wire stands. You mount the Political signs on theses stands.

General Description:

Our specialty! In fact, since corrugated plastic is the only substrate we screen print on, and we have been doing it for many years now, we feel that we are one of the best in the country in this market! We print on heavy 4mm fluted polypropylene with beautiful high gloss and durable UV inks, on a large range of standard sizes. Four color process is even available! Please check out the details below!


The corrugated plastic used in our signs is 4mm fluted polypropylene sheets. This material is extremely tough yet very lightweight. It is completely water and sun proof, and resists most stains and chemicals. Signs made from this product will last at least 1 year outdoors(many political campaigns have used the signs for multiple campaigns) , far exceeding the life of polycoated cardboard or bag signs. The flutes in the plastic also allow for easy insertion of the wire stands, which increase the strength of the sign greatly. In addition, the material used in the plastic is recyclable.


Our are printed with UV-cured ink that has been designed specifically for outdoor longevity on corrugated plastic. It has an extremely glossy and detailed finish. This ink is manufactured to endure at least 12 months of continous outdoor exposure, and to allow for plenty of flexing and bending. The ink comes in several standard colors and can be Pantone color matched. It also has capability to be used to produce beautiful four-color process (full color) work.


Wire stands provided with our signs are constructed of 9 gauge galvanized steel (largest that will fit into the flutes) with two welded cross bars. They measure 10" wide by 30" high (this is optimal width to reinforce the strength of the plastic) and are boxed for shipment. These stands are very easy to use. Just slide the wires into the flutes of the plastic until the first crossbar meets, and step down on the crossbar to push the stake into the ground. Beware of stands from other companies that use no crossbars or only one, as these can be very difficult to place into the ground.


Our dealers must provide Rapid Signs with an artwork file suitable for print work. We are able to screen print most any artwork produced with a vector graphics program (including four color process!!). Our printing process does not allow printing all the way to the edge of the plastic.